How it Works

Use the sun to power everything in your home

The Steps to Getting Solar

We're commited to make the switch to solar as easy as possible. From your initial discussion with our Energy Consultant, to the day we power up your new solar system, we've got you covered.

Here's what you can expect:

Step 1:
Your Proposal

Our Energy consultant will review your recent utility usage and fees to tailor a solar proposal specific to your family home.

Step 2:
Site Survey & Design

We survey your home & property to ensure our engineers design a system that maximizes your solar savings.

Step 3:
Utility Permits

We're experts when it comes to navigating solar permits and building applications. We've got it all covered!

Step 4:
Installation Day

We've mastered the art of installation, so most systems only take one day. You'll have the power of the sun in no time.

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Step 5:
All Systems Go

Just a quick inspection from your local utility company and it's time to "flip the switch" Congratulations, another elevated home!

How Solar Panels Work

Turning the power of the sun into usable electricity takes several steps. Don't worry, there isn't a test but understanding the basics can help. Rest assured, Elevation Solar is ready to answer any questions you may have along the process.

1 Solar Panels

  • Solar Panels collect energy from the sun.

2 DC to AC Power

  • Microinverters take the direct current (DC) power generated by your panels and convert it into alternating current (AC) power.
solar installation setup pictures

3 Net Meter

  • The net meter spins both backward and forward—measuring the electricity you're buying as well as the excess electricity your panels are producing and sending back to the grid. 

4 Enjoy Your Solar Power

Living room after solar installation
I'm ready to elevate my home with solar
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